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PR Golden Turkey Awards 2009

That's right, it is that time of year again.   This time last year I had a hankering for some golden fried turkey.   Now, for Thanksgiving I think I'll get me one of those big juicy turkey drumsticks – the ones … Continue reading

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Trend Discovery Tools in Tech PR

Last week's topics focused on tech trend discovery.   In this post I will highlight a few sites that can help in the process.  Nothing I have previewed provided a silver bullet in terms of being able to automatically identify … Continue reading

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Journos will Flack for Food

The WSJ had an article yesterday (Ex-MSNBC Chief Taps Journalists as Consultants) about former MSNBC rising star Dan Abrams' new media strategy firm that he is launching to help business executives with PR.   According to the article: The firm's … Continue reading

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Trend Surfing and Discovery in Tech PR

It is a common question.  You are doing some planning with the client.  The client would like to know what trends are in play and expected to be hot for next year.  What are some of the topics and technologies … Continue reading

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Trend Surfing for Fun and Profit

In the fast-paced world of tech PR, it is important to be able to track trends.  Understanding the important trends in fields that relate to your employer or client can help in a number of ways.  This may seem pretty … Continue reading

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What the Microblogging Explosion Means and Why Twitter is Addictive

I can't say I have mastered it, but I am warming up to Twitter, a technology that I had been skeptical about at first.   It really is pretty counterintuitive, the idea that we need more interruptions and noise, and that … Continue reading

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Dark Prince of PR

The movie Booogie Man, which chronicles, the life and times of Republican adviser and strategist Lee Atwater (Wikipedia definition) was on the Frontline TV show last night.  I had wanted to see the biopic during its short run in the … Continue reading

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Obama Champions the New PR

David Carr has a great story in the NY times today (Obama's Personal Linked In) about how the Obama campaign's use of social networking technology helped him efficiently and cost effectively rally his supporters and raise money.   According to the … Continue reading

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Research on Students’ Political Views Points to Power of PR

Many take it for granted that the liberal mindsets found amongst university educators influence the political views of students. As reported in the NY Times this week (Professors' Liberalism Contagious? Maybe Not), several recent studies refute this and indirectly point … Continue reading

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A New Mood in Tech PR

I have hesitated to write this because I think a lot of what is going on in the economy and business climate is due to a contagion of panic and fear.  I don't want to add to this via a … Continue reading

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