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Enterprise 2.0 and ROI

The Presto Vivace blog called out the 7/27 Information Week article Business Value Of Web 2.0 Tools Hard To Measure yesterday.   The post and article cited a Forrester Group survey of enterprise IT managers that showed lack of hard ROI for … Continue reading

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PR, Politics of RSS, Unintended Consequences

Continuing on yesterday’s topic of RSS, I am now starting to understand the importance of RSS standards and appreciating the related politics.  There appears to be lots of teeth gnashing and back and forth about these topics. Here is where … Continue reading

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RSS Blues

My News Radar is picking up lots of chatter about RSS over the past few days.  Lots of this relates to RSS standards, the politics of RSS and the recent acquisition of FeedBurner by Google. (It figures, just as I … Continue reading

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From Madmen to PR’s Holy Grail

All the hoopla about Madmen, AMC’s new show that covers the men of advertising circa the late 50’s, reminded me that there is no recognized culture of PR akin to the culture of advertising. Dating back to the days of … Continue reading

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Avoiding Tech PR Writing Pitfalls

I just thought I would call attention to my post on the Fusion Forum blog today which asks and answers the question: Does tech jargon have its place in PR writing? It cites a study referenced on Cincom Expert Access … Continue reading

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Memes Gone Wild: What’s YOUR Media Appetite?

From a PR person’s standpoint, it just doesn’t get any better. I have long held a fascination with memetics, the science that purports to study how ideas and culture propagate.  According to the Wikipedia definition: "In his book The Selfish … Continue reading

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Read My Blog or I’ll Shoot This Dog

I just recently passed the six month mark of Flack’s Revenge, and thought I’d take a little time to reflect on the experiences.  It made me think of this famous National Lampoon magazine cover, back from when I was just … Continue reading

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Social Networking and PR

I thought I would follow-up Monday’s post by tuning my news radar (courtesy MySyndicaat) to the search term  "PR and social networking," to explore and share what others have been writing on the topic (in for a dime, in for … Continue reading

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Antisocial networking revisited

Won’t you please join my (insert social networking site) network? I am convinced that, before long we will all be one big writhing mass of social networkers, spending countless hours doing whatever people do on these sites. The allure is … Continue reading

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Improving the Online Signal to Noise Ratio: Rumors of the Internet-driven Death of Culture are Highly Exaggerated

I first learned about signal to noise ratio when I was back in engineering school.  I decided to pursue an electrical engineering education through my love of music, which manifest itself in years of piano lessons and a fascination with … Continue reading

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