Interviews that Went off the Rails in 2023

The PR, Done and Doner podcast panel had fun watching and discussing famous video interview flameouts of 2023.

It was a wild ride, and nice follow-up to my post about one-hit blunders, i.e. high profile figures who were felled by a single bad story last year.

We discussed what went wrong, what went right, and offered tips, through the lens of long time PR pros.  Participants included my Fusion PR colleagues Jordan ChanofskyOlga Shmuklyer and Mark Prindle.

(Not that we like to dwell on the negative, but it can be instructive to watch and learn from these, and also good to challenge the myth that there is no such thing as bad publicity).

There were many cringeworthy moments, and unforgettable quotes, from interviews of Elon Musk, X CEO Linda Yaccarino, several Ivy League universtiy presidents (yeah, that one), and Oracle CEO Saffra Katz.

So check it out, we’d love to hear any feedback and hope you enjoy. And thanks, panel, for offering your insights.

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