How to Become a Media Darling

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Every startup wants to be the belle of the media ball. But what do you do if the press just aren’t biting? It’s all the worse if they’re lavishing attention on the competition.

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So why do media latch onto certain topics, personalities, companies and brands? Given that reporters, with varying degrees of editorial oversight, have discretion about what they cover, the $1M PR question is how to become the object of a media love fest.

There’s no simple answer or formula, else we’d all be famous for 15 minutes. You can start to get a sense by tracking their stories: reading between the lines, unpacking sentiment and bias and tuning in to their social media conversations.

Or you can read this. I share some rules below, based on my many years of experience helping startups launch and grow with PR. The tips reference examples from technology and politics.

The Power of Brand

Build a strong and admired brand, and the media will beat a path to your door — or at least spend less time dodging your pitches.

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of brand. Witness the media fascination with Trump, or any of the big tech players (of course, the coverage is not necessarily fawning, with either of the above examples).

The brands become a muse that pay dividends in terms of earned media coverage – often with no discernible hard news in sight.

The obvious question for a B2B startup is, exactly how can you achieve this?

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