Another PR Rabbit Hole to Avoid: Obscure Analyst Reports

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I had blogged a while back about all those time wasters we sometimes run into; e.g. the deluge of pay-to-play offers you get right after releasing news over a wire. There’s another that has been bugging me and my teams: obscure analyst reports.

Luckily, our friend Robin Schaffer, of her namesake analsyt relations firm SchafferAR, helped us better understand the situation and avoid spinning wheels. See the Q & A below, from recent email exchange:

We track various segments our clients compete in, and want to know of and get into the right reports. But a challenge is wading through Google alerts triggered by report mills, like (I’m assuming) this one (in the area of quantum computing).

Some sites seem to just aggregate, syndicate, resell reports – but are there real analysts and research behind these?  Is it worth it to wade through and find out if it is real research?


Nope.  These are crap and not relevant.  AR folks ignore them.  Very tempting because they provide insights on every possible market.But I have no idea where they get their data.   You have to go to the reputable analyst houses to identify the real research.A slog, but you need to.


Thanks, Robin!

Please check out my interview with her about maximizing analyst relations. Also, I am pleased to report that she’ll be one of the first guests on our upcoming video podcast series.

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