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Sniping Between Major Tech Blogs Reveals Intensely Competitive Nature of Tech News

A series of blog posts and comments revealed how intensely competitive, and sometimes deeply personal the world of tech news can be. It started out as a rant about broken embargoes, and devolved into trash talking between players from two … Continue reading

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Social Media Marketing Insight: Big Data Challenge and Opportunity

My monthly content marketing column today focuses on trend tracking in the social media wild. It shouldn't be hard to do this, right? Everywhere you look you see various trending reports, and there are many services which aim to index, … Continue reading

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Absurd to Call Samsung Customer Service Issue a “Tech PR Fail”

The Twittersphere lit up yesterday over a piece in the NY Times. The Haggler consumer advocate column reported a customer service issue involving a Samsung printer. The problem escalated, a PR person somehow got caught in the middle, and before … Continue reading

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NY Tech in Numbers Infographic / Thank You, Summer 2012 Interns

At Fusion PR, we've enjoyed watching the growth of the NY tech scene in recent years.  Our home office is here in the city, as are a number of clients, so we have front row seats.  I and others at the … Continue reading

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NY Tech Updates, via NY Daily News

My girlfriend and I stayed at her beach house on Long Island for a few days. It was nice to enjoy time in the sun, on the beautiful beach at Smith Point.  I generally fight wind, sand and ocean spray while … Continue reading

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