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Above the FUD: Keeping PR Clean when the Tactics Get Dirty

If you travel in tech circles, you may know what FUD is – no, not the slushy gunk that gets stuck under your car grill in the winter, rather it stands for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Wikipedia defines FUD as … Continue reading

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News Corp. Goons Provide PR “Protection”

My post yesterday countered the idea some people have that PR corrupts the journalism process. But can    journalism corrupt PR? The question kind of reminds me of an old joke, which I will retell with new players: Question: What … Continue reading

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NY Times Public Editor Puts PR Through its Paces

I enjoy Arthur Brisbane's Public Editor column in the NY Times, a feature that does a post mortem each week on the paper's editorial decisions and reporting. It is a forum that lets him and the readers vent a bit … Continue reading

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Rubel Move Sparks Tumblr vs. WordPress “Cage Match”

Many have been looking at solutions such as Posterous and Tumblr, which offer a middle ground between the longer topics and "care and feeding" that blogs generally involve and the minimalistic Twitter. In particular, It seems as if Tumblr is … Continue reading

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DSK & Casey Anthony: The Dark Side of Story Crafting

In journalism they speak in reverent tones about the importance of THE STORY; i.e. weaving facts together into a compelling narrative. Similarly, in PR circles we talk about storytelling as a way to make client news comprehensible and interesting. At … Continue reading

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Use plain language if you want more people to visit your blog and read your stuff

When I first started blogging, I think I tried to impress people with big words and long and dense posts, and quickly discovered that this did not go over so well.  .An article in Ragan's PR Daily reminded me of … Continue reading

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