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PR’s Evolving Role

Some have suggested that the emergence of social media means that communications intermediaries like journalists and PR professionals are no longer needed. After all, the thinking goes, when people and companies can easily launch their own soapboxes via blogs, micro-blogs … Continue reading

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A Sea Change in PR

It seems to me we have crossed a critical threshold in the PR profession. I first thought of this a couple of weeks ago while planning for an upcoming presentation to C-level executives on social media.  My co-presenter Jay Krall … Continue reading

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Everything I know about Media Relations I learned in Sales

PR News has published my article Mastering the Inner Game of PR. This article discusses the psychology of the media relations pitch.  It draws from lessons I learned in sales about the importance of enthusiasm and efficient work routines.  It … Continue reading

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PR Gets Front Page WSJ Treatment: Deconstructing Bernanke PR Push

As readers of this blog know, I like to help educate about the PR profession and defend it when necessary.   The field of work is often misunderstood and mistrusted (as some have said "PR needs better PR"). My radar goes … Continue reading

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Do Marketers Feel Your Pain?

I have blogged about the need for marketers to adjust their messages and approaches based on the sorry state of the economy. Do I say this because I think we should wallow in depressing topics and remind people of how … Continue reading

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Like A Boss My friends and family sometimes ask what it is like to be a boss. Watch this video to find out. It ran on SNL last week (Andy Samberg is a freakin’ genius). Caution: not for the faint … Continue reading

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Talking Clients Down From the Ledge

I have spent much of my time this week and last in airports, and thus have not been able to get to this blog until today.   One topic I wanted to chime in on relates in equal parts to a … Continue reading

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Every Number Tells a Story: From Bits, Bytes, Speeds and Feeds to Othello

Much has been written about the sorry state of the press release, especially when it comes to tech PR.   Just earlier this week CIO Magazine blogger Thomas Wailgum cited high tech vendor press release as number 6 on his list … Continue reading

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