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PR Predictions and Advice for 2009

– PR to Thrive in 2009 – Newsflash: Venerable Press Release Crushes Naysayers Unlike many others, I am looking forward to good things for PR in 2009.   True, traditional media and even online media are struggling (the latter, based on … Continue reading

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Bernie Madoff, Scoundrel and Master Brand Builder

Last Friday's post was about Trust, namely trust and corporate blogs.  I continue with the theme of trust, this time within the context of word of mouth (WOM) marketing and brand building You can call Bernie Madoff a lot of … Continue reading

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Conquering Information Sprawl in Tech PR

The NY Times had a nice roundup of tools and strategies to conquer information sprawl last week, Staying Informed without Drowning in Data, by Jenna Wortham.   At the end of this post I list the links of the various … Continue reading

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Why People Don’t Trust Corporate Blogs and What to Do About It

There has been some buzz about a Forrester report's  conclusion that people do not necessarily trust corporate blogs.   A number of tech PR agencies have chimed in, and there was an article just yesterday on IT Business Edge about this.  … Continue reading

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Did Team Obama Flub its First Crisis Communications Test?

Opinion columnist Kirsten Powers thinks so, as she wrote in her piece NY Post piece Bungling on Blago yesterday.  According to Powers: The Obama camp has managed to violate almost every tenet of crisis communications – starting with Rule No. … Continue reading

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Blag Hair Day

I decided that I needed to put aside for a moment my deep thinking on the state of PR and tech to explore something really weighty, namely embattled Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich's hair.  It is something bizarrely fascinating, and it … Continue reading

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The Changing World of Content and What this Means for PR

The NY Times had a great article, written by Virgina Heffernan, about the changing world of media.  It explains how growing media choices and ways of consuming media are having a profound impact on the ways content gets done.  So … Continue reading

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Economic Crisis for Dummies

Since the recession has pretty much settled in (can someone please tell me why it took the government a year to officially declare that we have been in a recession?) I guess we might as well get used to the … Continue reading

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More on Blogging and PR

A nice thing about blogging for PR is that it helps us walk in the shoes of a journalist and understand what it means to fill white space and work on a deadline (even if the latter is self-imposed).   It … Continue reading

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The Kids are Alright (Daughter’s First MacBook)

The Geller household experienced a technological sea change as this traditionally Dell-centric family acquired our first Apple PC, a new MacBook on the occasion of our eldest daughter's 16th birthday. No big deal you say, except for the fact that … Continue reading

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