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PR Manager’s Secret to Client and Team Success? Try RSOI!

Managing PR teams comes with its share of challenges.  You want your teams to have what they need to succeed – the information, resources and support of clients and management.  You want to make sure that they have the proper … Continue reading

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What Sold me on Twitter

My news radar has been tuned to "Twitter + PR" for awhile now, so I guess it is time that I shared my latest thoughts about the service. Initially I was very skeptical about it.  Twitter seemed like just one … Continue reading

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Silver Lining in Enterprise Tech Spending

The New York Times had a couple of excellent articles yesterday, which should be of interest to tech PR and social media PR folks. There is a silver lining in enterprise tech spending numbers, and it is in the clouds … Continue reading

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Reimagining PR: Out from Behind the Curtains

Lying on the beach for five days at a stretch – as I have done while on vacation in the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina this week – puts one in a reflective mood.  And one of the things … Continue reading

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Hail to Election Season

I don’t do political PR, and this blog only dabbles in politics, yet as a PR person I must say I love campaign season. Particularly when it comes to something as prominent as a presidential election, there is no better … Continue reading

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Just Send us the Press Release Please!

I joined the PR profession by way of engineering to sales support to tech marketing and then sales, until I finally realized that the career aptitude test that I took way back in the beginning – right after I graduated, … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing and Collaborating on the News

My colleague Chris Michaels blogged just the other day about crowd sourcing news in his post on Fusion PR forum.  This is the flip side to User-generated PR, a topic I just wrote about.  Crowd sourcing and collaborating on news … Continue reading

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PR Apocalypse Now

There was a new round of teeth gnashing over the state and future of PR driven by posts on some of the highest profile blogs earlier this week. Anyone who cares about the field should have a quick read here … Continue reading

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Turning PR into a Sales Lead Generation Machine

In my last post I discussed that the best job security for PR in a down economy is to make sure your programs are really working (of course, you should always strive for this).  And the more your efforts can … Continue reading

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PR Job Security in a Down Economy

We were discussing the state of business in a manager’s meeting today and the conversation turned to a refrain we have been hearing from people in the industry including friends, clients and investors.  The buzz is that the single biggest … Continue reading

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