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If it ain’t Social, it ain’t Worth a F**K!

The Facebook Developers’ conference generated lots of buzz last week.   Much of the excitement was around the launch of Facebook Connect (see details  on Facebook Developer News), which many covered and proclaimed as a step forward in the social Web. … Continue reading

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Interesting Links

Getting behind in my blogging and reading, will have to do something about that! So forgive the fact that I am referencing links that are not quite hot off the press.  They are still great links, and I am sure … Continue reading

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Competition for Profnet (HARO Gets some Nice Buzz)

I  learned about a service called HARO (for Help A Reporter Out) via some colleagues that joined a Facebook group of the same name a few months ago.   The group seemed like a novel way to leverage social networking for … Continue reading

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Communicating with (and through) the New Communicators

In my post Crossing the Blogging Chasm on Fusion PR forum last week, I wrote that blogging is crossing the chasm into mainstream adoption.  Many different types of people blog.  This means you need to dig deeper than the simple … Continue reading

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This Nasty Breakup Brought to you By…..

This one seduced the babysitter.  That one is a little nutty. The first has various disgusting addictions.  Then there is the one who cheated on his spouse with a cougar rock star.  The wife returned the favor and is also … Continue reading

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Does Your PR Writing Pass the “Sniff Test”?

Sniff, sniff.   What’s that smell?  Could it be the rank odor of press materials turned kitty litter liner? Passing the sniff test means writing PR copy that does not read like it was generated by a PR committee.  Yes, it … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Tony

Just thought I’d write this brief post to note the passing of former White House press secretary Tony Snow over the weekend.  Although I was aware that he had been ill with cancer, I guess I did not realize how … Continue reading

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Crossing the Blogging Chasm

These days, it is just technology and it is just kind of there. What am I talking about?  Read more about this subject in my post of the same title on the Fusion PR Forum blog today.

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Fending off the PR Hordes at Fox News (and those that Write about them)

David Carr wrote in the NY Times on Monday about the scorched earth PR tactics of Fox News (When Fox News is the Story). It seems that PR is blood sport at Fox News, and they are as aggressive in … Continue reading

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PR Deathwatch #4: Prepared Statements and PR Speak

Here’s a quick review of the PR Death Watch list as it stands, and my latest installment.  The various topics together paint a picture of how our field has been changing. PR Death Watch ContinuesEndangered PR "Species" ContinuedDeath of Media … Continue reading

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