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Crowdsourcing News Du Jour

Using MySyndicaat from KipCast, It took me just a few minutes to generate (or "newsmaster") a post featuring recent Web and blog mentions that included the term "crowdsourcing." Please see below. More info about how I did this, how it … Continue reading

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Tracking Buzzwords in the Wild

In my post “Newsmaster Flash” I promised that I would describe ways to corral the great fire hose of Web news and commentary that is generated every day. On this subject, so far, I have explored Power Searching for PR … Continue reading

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Mobile OS Smackdown

I suppose it makes sense, the idea the handset vendors are winnowing the list of 3rd part OSes they support. The natural trends seems to be that these devices are becoming ever more software driven.  So it seems logical that … Continue reading

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Wisdom of Crowdsourcing (Social Media meets the Network Effect)

In my post “Web 2.0 Press Release an Oxymoron?” on the Fusion blog I questioned the wisdom of a Web 2.0 (or social media) press release. As I mentioned in that post, I don’t think that slapping Web 2.0 bells … Continue reading

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PR By the Numbers

There have been some existential musings on the Fusion PR blog about the state of PR, which I gladly chimed in on with my post "PR Props" Check it out here.

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Anti-social Networking

Just leave me alone. I am being overtaken by technology. No, I am not a Luddite. Far from it. I have devoted my career to technology. I majored in electrical engineering, writing off any chance of having fun at party … Continue reading

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Croquet, Anyone?

Here’ a light topic to consider for the approaching weekend. I love those Bud Light commercials – Real Men of Genius Perhaps they should do one for those extreme kite flyers in Pakistan. "Who?" you ask. Did you know that … Continue reading

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Is there an email generation gap?

My two daughters, ages twelve and fourteen, are immersed in technology. They are almost always on IM. When away from the computer and on-the-go, they text message their friends with their cell phones. They both frequent social networking sites like … Continue reading

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