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Solving Geller’s I/O Dilemma (Why I sometimes Go Radio Silent)

In reviewing the latest round of input/output (I/O) acceleration offerings (technology that works in the data center to speed the flow of data in and out) it became painfully aware to me that I have an I/O problem of my … Continue reading

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Obama, great PR for Beer

Reasonable people can debate and disagree about the wisdom of Obama's public musings on the Gates issue. I think most people (myself included) felt that Obama was off base in his initial comments.  He shot from the hip on a … Continue reading

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Evolution of Core PR Skills

There's an interesting thread on Ajit Jaokar's blog about WOMMA, which in turn refers to an earlier post on the topic of Agency 2.0.  Although he mostly focuses on advertising, Ajit does touch on PR. As Ajit (who I have … Continue reading

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Novel PR Tactics Help R.E. Agent Stand Out

As those who read this blog know, I am in tech PR, and most of my posts relate to this field and the general realm of social media.  But sometimes I see interesting stories that are outside of tech, and … Continue reading

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Launching a Company Blog: Getting Started in 3 Easy Steps

The following is a step-by-step guide for companies that want to get started with blogging.  Step 1:  Choose Blogging Platform There are a variety of options for blogging platforms.  They range from expensive, enterprise-class content management systems to free open … Continue reading

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Article in the NYT covers Changing Nature of Tech PR

There was a fairly lengthy piece in the NY Times yesterday about evolving PR practices: Spinning the Web: PR in Silicon Valley.  It specifically focused on how tech PR is changing, framing the topic by taking a look at Silicon … Continue reading

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Getting Started with Social Media

Some of my recent posts offered seemingly contradictory advice regarding getting started with social media at the organization level. My post Is ROI Overrated? questioned the need to prove ROI and advised against getting caught up in planning paralysis.  In … Continue reading

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