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Chasing the Viral Holy Grail

As I said in my post Rethinking the PR Pitch and Campaign: What this boils down to is that the objective for your next campaign might not be to snag that briefing, series or briefings, or exclusive… I also posed … Continue reading

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Fighting PR’s Public Relations Problem

Floyd Norris had a nice article in the NY Times last Friday about the state of the so called "death tax" New Life for the Death Tax.   Unfortunately he (probably quite unintentionally) took a broadside at the PR profession in … Continue reading

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Zen and the Art of Tech PR

The Book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig was in the news recently because of new book (Zen and Now, by Mark Richardson) that revisited it.  I think there is also a documentary in the works. … Continue reading

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Rethinking the PR Pitch and Campaign: Three Key Questions

I have said that the PR pitch is dead.  As I explained in that post, the lumbering, one size fits all mass blast is an anachronism.  Further, the mindless flogging of information has no place today (not that it ever … Continue reading

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Dueling Tech Predictions

'Tis the season of tech predictions for next year.  Right on cue, tech PR people roll out their trusty (if tired) prediction pitches: lists of what trends, technologies and products are expected to be hot, guided by the expertise (and … Continue reading

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Reading the Financial Tea Leaves in Tech PR

Browsing through the headlines in the WSJ and NYT today made my head spin.  It reminded me of  a book I read when I was a child called Fortunately, which described events in the day of a little boy that … Continue reading

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Making the Group: Carving out a Leadership Position in Tech PR

I blogged last week about the PR and branding connection, and the importance of weaving the facts that describe your product or service into a good story. Last week I also described a client type who seemingly has no interest … Continue reading

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Crafting Headlines that Pop

The proliferation of various forms of media has created a land grab for attention that makes it more critical than ever to be able get your message across in the fewest possible words.  Whether someone is looking through their email … Continue reading

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Bailout or Rescue Plan? Just Say the Magic Words

I wrote yesterday that branding happens, whether you set out to build a brand or not. A corollary to this is that how you tell your story can just happen, too, unless you intentionally set out to pick the best … Continue reading

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Word of Advice: Branding Happens!

There is a flip side, and a potential pitfall to my post Turning PR into a Sales Lead Generating Machine.  The post counseled that tough economic times mandate PR programs specifically designed to boost sales, and offered tips about PR … Continue reading

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