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The Sarah Palin “Money Shot”

Call me crazy, but I have carefully reviewed and compared Sarah Palin's and Miss South Carolina's interview performances and I am starting to suspect that these two might in fact be one and the same person.  Have you ever seen … Continue reading

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PR Tips for Entrepreneurs

I struck up a nice dialog with Anne Clelland, a dynamo who is the force behind Handshake Media and a number of innovative blogging efforts, namely Handshake 2.0 (I love that name), a blog that showcases tech entrepreneurs, and helps … Continue reading

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SNAFU Silences Flack’s Revenge for Two Weeks

I'm back, after a couple of anxious weeks in which I lost my domain, fought to get it back, briefly considered abandoning the whole thing, and then finally did get it back as evidenced by this post. I won't bore … Continue reading

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The Death of the PR Pitch

 In my frenzied killing spree – my PR Death Watch series, blog posts that predict the demise of sacred cows of PR – I have overlooked one of the most obvious anachronisms: the PR pitch. Pity the poor pitch.  It … Continue reading

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