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Evolution of Media Relations

Believe it or not, there was a time back in the day when some journalists liked to get info by fax. Over the years, in educational sessions we run for our staff at Fusion PR, I have emphasized that as … Continue reading

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Tech Marketers Say SEM Rules, Blogging, Not so Much and PR is up There

Seems like ’tis the week for surveys.  My post yesterday cited a survey about PR and blogger relations.   Today I saw an article about a survey of executives at 350 technology companies from around the world, done by Eurocom Worldwide … Continue reading

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Influencers Gone Wild in the Blogosphere (and Tech PR)

It used to be the dirty little (not so secret) in tech PR, that key influencers like industry analysts guess what, surprise, surprise… they have their own agendas and bottom lines to cover. Well at least those influencers sported pinstripes, … Continue reading

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PR vs. Journalism: How the other Half Networks

A New Tool in the Box, by Ellyn Angelotti on Poynter Online encouraged me to update my post Have you Friended a Journalist Today? The Poynter post discusses social networks from the journalist’s perspective, describing the technology as a tool … Continue reading

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More reasons for PR to Care about Wikipedia

My previous post Have a new Type of Product? Stake Your Wikipedia Claim advised innovators to leverage gaps in Wikipedia’s coverage by defining emerging (or at least, as of yet undefined) categories and subcategories of technology. Peter Blackshaw’s article on … Continue reading

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SEO, social networks and Twitter, Oh My!

Here are some interesting links and articles I spotted over the past couple of days.  PerkettPRsuasion had a nice wrap on last week’s Boston Social Media Club event, including SEO tips for PR prfoessionals coursesy SEO-PR’s Greg Jarboe, who also … Continue reading

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It IS Easy Being green in Enterprise Tech PR

Seems green is the new black in enterprise (especially data center) tech. The din of coverage we have seen – and companies looking to be pitched as green solutions – is becoming deafening. Does that mean that a green shakeout … Continue reading

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Ajit Jaokar speaks out on Blogging and the State of PR

I had the opportunity to interview A list blogger (and wireless industry author, publisher and consultant) Ajit Jaokar about his views on social media and the changing nature of PR. Ajit’s blog OpenGardens has been consistently rated as one of … Continue reading

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Have a new type of product? Stake Your Wikipedia Claim

I have read various posts recently about ways to leverage Wikipedia when it comes to getting the word out about company and product info.  One or two suggested drafting entries defining the company in question.  This could work, however, according … Continue reading

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Do Most Agencies Lack Social Media Cred?

An article in Social Media Insider (Blogger’s Block…) reported on agencies’ adoption of social media (or lack thereof). The reporter, Cathy Taylor, cited a study from Cymfony that concluded that agencies don’t get it when it comes to social media. … Continue reading

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