Webinar: Scoring Great PR for you Blockchain Venture

You Don’t Need a CMO invited us to host a seminar earlier this month about PR tips for blockchain initiatives. The recorded session, called Thinking Out of the Block ran on YouTube and is also share above in this post.

Chris Nicholas of the No CMO team introduced me and led the Q & A portion. Here are some notes from the session; please check out the video, about 30 minutes long to view the entire session.

  • What is blockchain? A distributed decentralized network, database or ledger
  • Agenda: We focused on the state of buzz in blockchain space, a case study, the new rules in PR, how to attain PR and branding success for your venture.
  • Where is blockchain now?
  • Gartner Group, leading IT advisory and market research in enterprise tech published a Hype Cycle report that showed blockchain is in the trough of disillusionment 
  • Blockchains rose with the growth and excitement of crypto and bitcoin, with people looking into currencies such as Zcash kaufen to see how they can make money.
  • The space is still relevant; it will take longer for mass adoption
  • BlockSafe technology was the first to market for solutions that protect crypto wallets 
  • We got attention and media coverage by busting the myth that blockchains are inherently secure.
  • It is a street fight for attention even in this industry 
  • Journalists mostly don’t care about your news because of all the pitches, noise and challenges of their jobs.
  • Success means not getting mired in tech for tech’s sake, thinking outside the ‘block’ 
  • Immutable Laws of Marketing and PR
    • Focus on long term brand building
    • Sharpen targets 
    • Connect with needs
    • Be interesting and relevant 
    • Tap content, social, influencers 
    • Understand the user

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