Top Crypto Reporter offers Tips for PR and Startups

If you work for a crypto or blockchain company and want to improve visibility and marketing results, check out our latest podcast. Fusion PR CEO Jordan Chanofsky interviewed CoinDesk Deputy Business Editor Danny Nelson about the state of the space and implications for media and PR. They discussed:

  • Where is crypto today? Is the market maturing?
  • Terra crash and implications for startups entering the space
  • How to bring more people in the crypto world
  • Pet PR peeves; how to pitch Danny
  • Can early-stage companies get good press?

I include a quote from Danny, below, and some of his tips. To hear more, check out the podcast; you can listen on Spotify and other channles, and watch the interview on YouTube.

The industry right now is at an inflection point… the crypto markets have been bleeding… because of a very important ecosystem player [Terra] failing, there are going to be a lot of hard questions that need to be answered, and that is going to dominate the narrative for a while….
We have left the moment of exuberance

Danny Nelson, CoinDesk

Here are some tips he shared for PR and crypto startups:

  • I enjoy when there’s the message of what a story is, and then facts and figures that flesh out why it matters
  • I get a thousand of these a day, brevity is important
  • [Those seeking coverage should be] truthful in their story and having a good reason why something is new and different and impactful

Thanks for coming on the podcast, Danny, and sharing your insights.

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