Facebook Feng Shui (So this is nothing?)

The NY Times Technology Bits blog had a fun post about Facebook yesterday. Your Moment of Facebook Zen.

It related how the growth in 3rd pary applications has gone from sublime to ridiculous.  Apparently, a company is marketing an application called Dramatic Whitespace.

“As the name suggests, Dramatic Whitespace inserts a block of empty space on your page. You can change the size and color of your space, and add a dotted-line border, but its interactivity is severly limited.”

Its purpose is to offer Facebook users an antidote to all the clutter created by, guess what, third party applicions.

Seriously, though, this led me to conisder whether the growth in applications like social networking , and Web 2.0 driven rich and customizable user interfaces might lead to the growth in a kind of Feng Shui (Wikipedia definition) for computing, in which people can tailor their environemts to achieve balance and peace (does sound kind of Zen, doesn’t it?).

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