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The Rise of the Influencer in Online PR

As I said in a recent post, online or social media PR presents a kind of  topsy turvy world (see All Online PR is Local). In addition to the examples I pointed out – the rise in perceived value of … Continue reading

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Twitter and Facebook as Attention Labs

Social networking and micro-blogging offer are an immediacy that cannot be rivaled by blogs.   E.g., Twitter forces you to frame your thoughts in 140 characters or less.  It is all about NOW.  Similarly, your Facebook status needs to be … Continue reading

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All Online PR is local

Social media presents traditional PR folks with a topsy turvy kind of world. Web hits used to be dismissed as cheap and less impressive than "real ink" on a printed page.  Similarly, local media results were often looked down upon … Continue reading

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The Changing Nature of Web Influence

I have been thinking for some time that the Social Web is driving some pretty radical changes in how we consider and measure Web influence.  At a basic level, I think we need to distinguish between traditional measures of Web … Continue reading

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The New Transparency: When Communications Worlds Collide

  They say we are supposed to have "naked conversations" with the marketplace.  Just let it all hang out.   Use blogs and an army of communicators to channel the wonderful aspects of your company.   This is what we … Continue reading

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From Pimping Data Centers to Tidying This Old Glass House: New Language in Tech Marketing

Last week the Sunday NY Times Real Estate section ran a story Adjectives get Evicted, which described how the language is changing in real estate based on the economic climate: Not only are there fewer buyers today, but they are … Continue reading

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Goodbye To a Master of Attention and Story Telling

He launched his career based on advice from a high school teacher. He pioneered innovative techniques for delivering information and capturing attention.  He was a master at crafting stories that hit home with people.   He devised a novel method … Continue reading

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