New Tech Reality Show: It’s Magic, is it a Leap?

While many were anxiously awaiting the results of the Iowa caucuses yesterday, tech magic-154526_1280media were caught up in another drama. They were buzzing about $793 million funding for Magic Leap, a secretive startup now valued at $4B.

The back and forth was about what Magic Leap will deliver, and whether they’ll live up to the hype – see the following tweets:

This is how Gizmag described Magic Leap:

“… it appears to [create] the illusion of 3D objects in the user’s field of vision…. Magic Leap’s device … beams a digital light field onto the user’s retinas.”

That actually does sound very cool. But language geek that I am, I latched onto the words some articles used to describe the technology: “mixed reality”.

Ahhh, reality used to be so – um, real – and much simpler.  These days we have many flavors: virtual, augmented, and now mixed.

That is great, but if you work in tech PR, you should avoid another kind of reality: distorted.

Distorted reality is when companies exaggerate. I always say “promise less, deliver more”, but the following articles detail journalists’ frustrations about overstated capabilities in cloud services and DevOps.

The Register: Whew! How to tell if a DevOps biz is peddling a load of manure

Wall Street Journal: When it Comes to Tech Services, Cloud can be a Nebulous Term

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