Info CAN Leave Black Holes: What this means for PR

You may have heard read about the new theory that explains how information can escape black-hole-92358_1280black holes. None other than Stephen Hawking now says this can be done, as reported in WSJ.  Previously, it was thought that nothing could escape the clutches of a black hole.

There is some very complex quantum physics ideas here, and I won’t even try to get into the details.  The Journal article explains it well.  But I thought that readers of this blog might be wondering, like I am, about the more down-to-earth implications, e.g.

  • Does this mean that the very last place you could go to keep your launch news under wraps no longer works?
  • Is there a way to get info into the black hole that we don’t want, and keep it there, like:
    • Anything Trump says?
    • Those annoying CNN commercials about medications
    • Other TMI examples
  • Does this prove that info really does want to be free?

Any other thoughts?

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