Tear Down that eHail Wall, Mr. Mayor!

A judge just denied NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's quest to outlaw large sugary drinks here.  Now I hear
608358523e87b216170f6a706700c37bthat Bloomberg has styrofoam cups in his crosshairs.

Since the Mayor has been such a great cheerleader for NY Tech, I thought I might humbly request, through this blog, that he shift his attention and the power of his office from the world of beverages back to something that is tech related, and also can improve the quality of life here: namely e-hailing.

There are some laws that apparently stand in the way of allowing these types of apps to hail Yellow Cabs in NYC. I recently visited Tel Aviv and San Francisco, and was blown away with how easy Uber makes it to hail a cab in these places – you can order one, see a map that shows the cab's location, its ETA, phone number, and let's you effortlessly pay (even calculating and adding tip).

Very cool!  Do you agree?  If so, please voice your opinion via Qwanz, the Opinion Graph (and client / NY tech company).



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