PR News Digital Guide: Boosting Social Media & PR with Content Curation

PR News Digital Guidebook is out now, and I am pleased to say that it includes an article I wrote on how to Prn_masthead_logoboost PR and social media results with content curation.

Please see below for a brief excerpt

Do you want a better way to generate high-quality social media content and connect with your target audiences? Are you looking to keep your organization’s teams informed about relevant contents, trends and topics? If so, you need to add content curation, an increasingly important skill set for communicators, to your repertoire….

How Content Curation Works

Before embarking on a content curation program, you must understand what will be involved in terms of process, technology and methods… the magnitude of the effort needed to support content curation can vary quite a bit. Tracking down relevant topics in areas where there’s much social media chatter and well-known consumer brands represents a much different challenge than doing the same in niche B2B areas.

The article provides tips and answers the following questions:

  • How to use different types of curation
  • Which articles should be selected or ignored?
  • How to measure your efforts and tell when it is working

The article includes exceprts from an interview with Tom Riddle of CIThread.  CIThread is a hosted content curation platform, and the technology behind our own Tech Marketing Scoop.

I wrote a couple of articles for various PR News guides last year; and was happy to contribute again.  Their guidebooks have lots of useful information; it is always blast around this time of year to get my copy, see how the article came out and read articles from others in the field.

I urge you to visit the link and order the book

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