Indian Point PR Campaign may pit Cuomo vs. Giuliani

For a PR person who loves to follow politics and lives in Northern Westchester County, NY, it just doesn't 420x316-alg_indian_point get any better.

The NY Times reported today that Indian Point nuclear plant owner Entergy is in talks with former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani about a PR campaign to counter negative public perception, setting up a potential battle with the Governor:

The Entergy Corporation, the operator of the two reactors at Indian Point, which generate as much as 30 percent of New York City’s power, has been in talks with Mr. Giuliani about headlining a major advertising campaign aimed at allaying public concerns about the facility’s safety. The campaign would effectively pit Mr. Giuliani, an erstwhile Republican presidential candidate, against the governor, a Democrat.

Indian Point has been a sore point for people who live in the area. I understand the argument that it would be difficult to replace this source of power, and fears may be overblown. Yet the recent earthquake in Japan, which brought a nuclear plant close to meltdown, seems to have driven a fresh round of questions and scrutiny here in NY. And anyone from the area who is familiar with the emergency planning and evacuation procedures knows that these are jokes.

Andrew Cuomo, who by most accounts got off to a good start as NY Governor and seems to have the wind at his back, has voiced his opposition to Indian Point.

Giualini and Cuomo are two NY-based super-sized egos that fascinate and sometimes confound many people, myself included. I have greatly admired both men at various times, and have also been in irritated by them (although if I were to pick one for this campaign and in general it would have to be Cuomo).

It will be interesting to watch this battle unfold, as I am sure the media will be all over this.

(I thank my friend and ace photographer Steve Lesnick for pointing this article out).

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