Six Factors Reveal How News Spreads on Twitter

My post on the Social Fluency blog today reveals six factors that Gilad Lotan used to analyze Twitter activity surrounding the Tunisian uprising.  I had interviewed Gilad previously, regarding unrest in Iran in 2009, and the role that Twitter played.

Below, please find the six factors.  I urge you to visit Social Fluency and Gilad's blog to read more on this topic.

  1. He tapped into Twitter’s API to search on the hashtag #sidibouzid (the name of the province where the protests started), and find out how often it was mentioned during the critical time period.
  2. Gilad reviewed the volume of tweets for users who were most active on the topic, as well as:
  3. The reach of key users, i.e. the numbers of followers
  4. The words in user profiles, to better understand what types of people were joining the fray and when
  5. He looked at geographic distribution of users over time
  6. Gilad explored the social graphs of users to understand which ones were part of groups and connectors between groups.
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  1. Chudex's says:

    Nice read,thanks for information.

  2. Wow this is something new. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

  3. I’m definitely not patient or smart enough to do all that!

  4. It is an equal failing to trust everybody and trust nobody.

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