The Circle of Life in PR

Death is part of life.

Predators feast on prey, thinning herds and improving the health of the greater ecosystem.  Carrion
CircleOfLife2-WP fertilizes the fields.  Fauna bloom and provide sustenance for the herds. And, so, the cycle continues.

The circle of life holds true in tech and PR as well.  The headlines and press releases brim with tales of death and rebirth.

As I have chronicled in my PR Death Watch series, sacred cows (i.e., anachronisms) of PR die as shiny  golden calves are born.  In a new season, the golden calf, once frolicking and so full of life, takes ill and succumbs.

Tom Foremski issued his death knell for the press release on Silicon Valley Watcher (Die, Press Release, Die! Die! Die!).

Just this week, we witnessed the death of the social media press release, the prodigal Phoenix once risen from the traditional press release ashes and now egested on the fallow field like so much excrement (see Ragan's story Has the Social Media Release Withered on the Vine?).

I attempted to resurrect the traditional press release in my post Revenge of the Press Release.

Having tired of tormenting the traditional press release,Tom Foremski has now turned to a new victim, voice mail and texting (see his story Kill Voice Mail and Texting…).

And we have witnessed the birth of a brave new form of newswire (Reinventing the Newswire: CNW Acquires DNA13).

Yes, in nature, as in PR and tech, the circle of life continues and it is good.

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