Introducing Tomorrow’s Topic and Guest Blogger

Blogging and Twitter offer a smorgasbord, a constellation of people to communicate with  and share info and ideas.  I am constantly amazed by this, and have "met" a bunch of great people that I otherwise never would have.

Yet, the word "met" needs to go in quotes because I have never actually met most of these people in real life.  As such, there are limits to how well I can really know them.  Many, if not most, seem like partially formed images. 

Then, there are those who do seem very vivid and real to me, despite the fact that we never met.  One such person is Anne Giles Clelland.  Anne is:

  • An entrepreneurial, marketing and social media dynamo
  • Pioneering news ways to help clients get value from social media; her blog Handshake 2.0 is one example
  • A tireless booster for economic development in the Southwest Virginia locale that is her base of operations (she is up for a Rising Star Award at NewVa Corridor Technology Council TechNite 2010)
  • A triathlete
  • A former school teacher

I am pleased to say that Anne will be guest blogging here tomorrow on the topic of avoiding abandoned blog syndrome.

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