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A number of my clients who have started blogs are running into the age-old (well, years old by now, anyway) question: what to blog?

Successful blogs are not all over the map, they tend to hew to a topical area and have an attitude, point of view and/or mission.  So if you have gotten to the point where the blog is now up and the first few posts are out, but you are not sure what to blog next, remember back to the planning stages when you discussed what the blog was supposed to be about.

As A list mobile blogger Ajit Jaokar of Open Gardens said in an interview on this blog:

It is… important to be consistent and have clear viewpoint… having an ethos and consistency help build audience.

This may get you back on track and provide ideas.

At Fusion PR, we like to develop an editorial calendar of topics, as well as help clients react to what is being buzzed about on top blogs that relate to their areas.  If the team that is supporting the effort is doing its job right, there should never be a shortage of potential topics.

I saw some nice posts recently that had great ideas for overcoming bloggers block (two of them, from a series by Paul Gillin):

Paul Gillin, Overcoming Blogger's Block

Paul Gillin, More Tips for Unblocking the Idea Jam

(One of my favorites: "Get Angry!")

ProBlogger, 14 Types of Stories You can Tell on Your Blog

I'd Rather be Writing, Twenty Usability Tips for Your Blog

(Strictly speaking, this post is not just about content ideas but does include some great tips with accompanying illustrations)

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4 Responses to What to Blog

  1. Tony Mackey says:

    This is an often overlooked part of the blog strategy. Current events can and should make up a good number of blog posts, but I couldn’t agree with you more about the value of a blog calendar.
    If nothing else a planned calendar takes a little of the blank-page-phobia away.
    I’ll deny it if asked, but sometimes I’d like to be told what to write.

  2. rgeller says:

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Paul Gillin says:

    Thanks for the nice comments!

  4. rgeller says:

    Paul, you have made my day – it is an honor that you took the time to stop by, read and comment. Thanks!

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