Flack’s Revenge Relaunching as Cloud-based Service

I am pleased to inform my readers that Flack's Revenge will be relaunching as a cloud-based service.Cartoon-clouds

I can no longer put off this move as the clamor for all things cloud-based has become just too great to ignore.  My focus through the years has been tech marketing and PR; tech clients seem to be increasingly all about the cloud, and I need to adjust and conform to client needs.

This may cause confusion for some, who have perceived Flack's Revenge as simply a blog and not a technology or a service that can be delivered from the sky. 

Rest assured, I will find a way to do this (for those who doubt me, please see my post Flack's Revenge Opens to Developers)

After all, what is PR if it is not about floating above the noise? Or about finding silver linings in events, people and products?  Or weathering the occasional storm?  About praying for attention to rain down?  About fluffy and lofty imagery?

There may be some who see this move as a cheap ploy, a PR stunt if you will.  To those I say, don't mess with clouds, dude, especially PR clouds.  We can muddle just as easy as we can enlighten.  We can rain on your parade.  We are Thor, catch this thunder bolt.

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