Social Media Release: Got Standards?

There has been lots of very productive conversations about social media releases over the past week or so.  I am updating my news radar to display the latest links.

Brian Solis has a good post: Definitive Guide to SMRs, it covers a lot of ground, and revisits the reasoning behind SMRs as well as discusses format, distribution options, etc.  Also, Brian identifies this very blog as as one amongst "other voices on the subject" (thanks, Brian).

Dave Press added to the conversation with his post On the Social Media Release.

Todd Defrens went into some detail on distribution options in Untangling Claims….

The Getting Ink blog offers a journalist’s perspective in Nice Social Media Release, Shame about the Content

Shel Holtz waxes philosophical in his post Do you know what you always want or need?

Again, lots of helpful info and back and forth.  I saw Brian Solis had issued a request for people to share cases.  It would be great to hear more about successes, why not start a meme amongst those who are actively tracking this?

And, oh yes, regarding the subject line of this post (and getting back to the question from my last post on this, Give sm Release a Chance), what about standards?

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3 Responses to Social Media Release: Got Standards?

  1. Dave Briggs says:

    Hi – thanks for the link! The social media release is becoming a really hot topic and people are starting to take it more and more seriously.
    One minor point though, I’m Dave Briggs, not Press. The DavePress thing is supposed to be a joke about my obsession with all things WordPress – obviously not a very good one!
    Confusingly, there is a Dave Press out there in the social media space, but he isn’t me!
    Thanks again
    Dave (Briggs!)

  2. Bob Geller says:

    Dave, thanks for reading and commenting, and sorry about getting your name wrong.
    I’ll need to stay tuned to your blog; as I understand it WordPress has some great advantages as a blogging platform, especially related to SEO.

  3. Dave Briggs says:

    Absolutely. In fact, I have just installed a plugin called All in one SEO pack [] which I guess you would be really interested in!

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