Good News for Tech PR re: Enterprise Tech Spending

The NY Times featured some relatively good news about projected enterprise tech spending today.

This should mean good things for enterprise tech vendors, and those who specialize in marketing and promoting tech.

Some might be concerned that an impending recession caused by the mortgage mess and its  repercussions could adversely affect the health of the tech sector.

But, according to the article Belt Tightening, but No Collapse, is Forecast in Technology Spending:

The outlook is encouraging, according to corporate technology buyers
and industry analysts. There will surely be belt-tightening, and cuts
may be sharp in some industries, especially the financial sector.
Overall growth in technology spending may fall from 7 percent last year
to 4 percent or less this year, according to estimates by IDC, a
research firm. That would be in sharp contrast to the
experience of the 2001 recession, when technology spending fell 11
percent over two years in the aftermath of the dot-com collapse.

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