Croquet, Anyone?

Here’ a light topic to consider for the approaching weekend.

I love those Bud Light commercials – Real Men of Genius

Perhaps they should do one for those extreme kite flyers in Pakistan.

"Who?" you ask.

Did you know that competitive kite flying is a death inviting sport?  Or, so says this NY Times article from last week:

Pakistan: 11 Die In Kite Festival
"At least 11 people died in an annual two-day kite festival in Punjab Province. Officials said two died after their throats were cut by kite strings made of wire, used to damage rival kites. Five died after being hit by celebratory gunshots, and two people were electrocuted trying to untangle kites from overhead power cables."

Oh, yeah, forgot to mention that two more died after falling off a roof.

Now, why isn’t this story getting more play than Anna Nicole Smith or Scooter Libby?  That is the supreme injustice and irony.

I can hear the Bud Light commercial for these kite flying maniacs (they say user generated ads are all the rage – hey, I am game.  Stay tuned for the YouTube video):

Mr.  Pakistani Competitive kite flyer:

"Get your entrails off my kite string!"
"I need an ER doc, stat!"
"Croquet, anyone?"

Bud Light celebrates Real Men of Genius!

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