Armchair Flacks

When it comes to glory and earning power, they have us beat, so why do VCs want to hone in on our action?

VCs are often protrayed as swashbuckling risk takers, a vital engine of the tech economy.  The good ones make untold millions, for themselves and their investors.

PR folk are generally seen as hucksters, spinmeisters, handlers, fixers, and, well… flacks.  The good ones sometimes get some props, and our clients and employers (and mothers and fathers) love us, but rarely do you read or hear about this.

Yet on the PR side we often find VCs that want to play armchair flacks.

This observation really applies to any stakeholders who think they know about PR, but are operating at arms length from the PR program – the sales team, board, shareholders of public companies and the like.

And it is made all in the good spirit of wanting to improve things, we berate because we love (many of my referrals come from VCs and I by no means want to slay the golden calf or antagonize anyone).

I have written an open note to VCs, including excerpts from a clients’ email on the subject, which was written to placate the VCs and keep them at bay from the PR program.

You can read all about it on the Fusion blog.

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