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Info CAN Leave Black Holes: What this means for PR

You may have heard read about the new theory that explains how information can escape black holes. None other than Stephen Hawking now says this can be done, as reported in WSJ.  Previously, it was thought that nothing could escape … Continue reading

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Trump, Tinder, Press Offender – New Rules of Taking on Media

Media battles are nothing new. Back in the ’70s Nixon famously said “the press is the enemy,” and kept a list. But up until relatively recently, most have opted not to pick fights with those who buy ink by the … Continue reading

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The Best Way to Reach Chinese Media

This post first appeared on Fusion Forum. We have dispelled myths about how PR works in Asia, and offered tips for getting tech news covered in China. This post focuses on WeChat, a messenger app that is one of the … Continue reading

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Naughty or Nice? State of Tech Brand and PR Implications

Is the tech industry a land of opportunity, a growth engine of our economy; a place where coders garner huge salaries and entrepreneurs achieve the American Dream? Or is it is a hyper-aggressive frat party, where arrogant Masters of the … Continue reading

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