Socializing Content Marketing: Overcoming 4 Obstacles

I wrote my second column for the Windmill Networking blog.  It ran yesterday, and picked up where my first 2011-year-resolution-400x400
post left off (that one covered the benefits of combining social media and content marketing).

Yesterday's story was about overcoming obstacles, and suggested the following new year's resolutions (see below for an excerpt):

  1. Marketers should resolve to get smarter about social media.  They must roll up their sleeves, jump into social media, and master the ins and outs of each network (I understand that just about everyone participates these days; however there is a big difference between being a passive dabbler and an expert; if you are to master it you need study what works, experiment, and constantly learn – especially about metrics and how to improve them).
  2. Be open to new ideas about content. To be successful, you need to go through a shift in thinking. What this means is that the marketing content that you use for social media cannot be thinly veiled sales materials.   Your content needs to be something that is authentic, strikes the right tone and delivers truly useful information.
  3. Look beyond technology and process.  It is not all just about technology – while there is technology involved, it is easy to get lost in a thicket of APIs, SEO, algorithms, auto-posting, curation technologies, etc.
  4. Stop chasing the viral Holy Grail.

The post goes into much more detail: I encourage you to visit the link and read the full article.



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