Branding and Ad Tech on Display in New York City this Week

I set aside ny usual client and agency activities yesterday, and split the day between Jeff Pulver's Are_we_human_or_are_we_dancer_poster-p228005031374420272t5ta_400BRANDsconf in the morning and Ad:Tech New York in the afternoon.  The latter is a much bigger event, an actual trade show.

BRANDSconf is a Jeff Pulver 140 event.  I found the tagline to be Ironic because it is about humanization of brands via technology, something that is decidedly inhuman.  Yet maybe that is not so strange – as companies strive to use social media and other tech to communicate, the human aspect of brand building is something that must be emphasized and can't be lost.

The event featured a day of rapid fire sessions about brands and social media, hosted by panels and individuals, many from large companies and interactive agencies.  This gave me a glimpse into how the "big boys" do it, and offered a useful perspective, as most of my clients are tech startups.

E.g. Katie Richman, who runs social media for ESPN, spoke about tips for managing typically overloaded social media activities and schedules.

The "Evolution of the Community Manager" session featured a great panel.  At the end, each person offered tips for aspiring and practicing community managers:

  • Danya Cheskis – Community Manager, Skillshare: Be ready to "murder your darling" if the concept is not working.  Everyone involved needs to know what is happening on the ground. Prioritize, relentlessly execute.
  • Katie Morse – Social Marketing Manager, Billboard: Always remember the top business goal, execute against it.
  • Matthew Wurst – Director, Brand Strategy and Emerging Media at 360i: Understand what content engages the consumer to drive the emotional connection (it should not be just about marketing).
  • Staci Perkins – NYC Community Manager, Eventbrite: Continue to adapt, the job is not set in stone



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