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The Web: Efficient Outing Engine, Big Brother – or Both?

They used to say that on the Web, no one knows if you are a dog.  These days, it seems like  anonyminity  has gone out the window and everyone knows everyone else's business (see my related post on FOMO vs.TMI). … Continue reading

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Walking to Raise Money, and PR

An op ed piece in the New York Times raised an interesting question about the connection between walking and raising money for charitable causes.  Why not take the same effort that is exerted at these events, and apply it to … Continue reading

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Wiseguy Way for PR

I was flying back from my brother's bachelor party in Las Vegas (alas, the details of the trip will need to remain in Vegas), picked up a copy of the NY Post, and saw an article – Wiseguy Way – … Continue reading

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For Just $1/day, You can Save the PR-challenged Celebrity

In my last post, I wrote about how Anthony Weiner and Charlie Sheen are great ads for PR. Rather than dwell on what is becoming an increasingly bizarre (and as Jon Steward said, "now officially sad") story, in the case … Continue reading

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Weiner and Sheen: Possibly the Best Pitchmen for PR

For the very definition of unscripted, unplugged and a little if not a lot nutty public figures, you have first Charlie Sheen and then Anthony Weiner, possibly the best advertisements for PR in recent memory. They both took us on … Continue reading

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Morrissey Gets a Bag of Popchips; We get an Article on the Tricky Art of Influence Tracking

Brian Morrissey, who write, tweets and blogs on advertising, related an episode in which he was sent a bag of Popchips.  Apparently the algorithms, CPG marketers and Klout reckoned that Morrissey was a snack food influencer.  His article (excerpt below) … Continue reading

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Extreme Media Relations Part 2: “Reputational Attacks”

Last week I wrote about a starving artist – not the usual kind, but one who is intentionally starving, i.e. staging a public hunger strike, to get the attention of the New Yorker magazine. I found the story and his … Continue reading

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