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Draper & Company Do PR

I finally got around to watching the first episode of the new Mad Men season, which aired on Sunday.  I was even more eager than usual to welcome the return of one of my favorite TV shows, as this episode … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality: The Movie

Fade in The camera pans across a dark room; an unmade bed comes into view.  The scene shifts downward and shows a crumpled figure, a woman, lying on the floor. Dead or sleeping? The dark puddle beside her offers a … Continue reading

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Hey PR Dude, can you screen THIS call?

There have been many articles about the decline of telephone calls and voice mail amidst the rise of social networking, email and text messaging. Some people apparently did not get the memo, based on the recent celebrity voice mail rants … Continue reading

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It’s Fun not to Share

I am dating myself, but there was a public service announcement ad campaign many years ago called "It' s Fun to Share." (please don't press me on exactly how many years ago this ran). My post on Social Fluency today … Continue reading

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Birth of a Buzzword; Augmented Reality, and Apps for Tech PR

It is a phrase that conjures interesting imagery. Some might think it is what happens when you have one drink too many. Others would say people experience this when they become politicians (or when joining the PR profession, for that … Continue reading

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The YouTube trailer, an Indispensable Part of Book Marketing

For almost as long as there has been a book publishing industry, authors (and their PR agents) have devised ways to promote books. In the article The Author Takes a Start Turn, the NY Times reports on how creating a … Continue reading

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Time out for Fun (and Orientation) at Old B.U. Stomping Grounds

This week we took our eldest daughter to Boston for orientation at Boston University, which she will be starting as an undergrad in just a few short weeks. It was a real blast for me on a number of levels … Continue reading

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