Why I Like Getting Pitches

While checking my Blackberry over the weekend an email with the subject line "Your Media Profile" caught my attention.  Thinking it might be Spam, I was intrigued enough to open the message anyway – and was surprised and pleased that the email was a note from the MyMediaInfo media tracking database folks asking me to update my profile.

While many journalists and bloggers grouse about these types of databases, and the pitches that being listed inevitably invite, this email did not bother me.  First, getting listed is validation for this blog.  It is always nice to get some recognition in return for the hard work that goes into blogging, and trying to do it well.  I am deeply appreciative of this and other benchmarks, like getting on the blog rolls of other PR blogs, being listed on top PR blog lists, and being added to the Cision database awhile back, as I mentioned in this post.

I also reflected on the growing number of pitches I have been getting.  Unlike others, I do not mind these, I actually get a kick out of them (I fully realize that if this blog ever goes A list and draws tons of pitches, I may change my mind).

Not to get anyone's hopes up, I generally don't do much with them – I rarely take briefings, and don't do many product or company reviews.

Being pitched and listed in the media tracking databases helps me better understand the worlds of the influencers that our teams spend time courting and building relationships with.  It gives me a chance to walk in their shoes.

Also, I am reminded of my days back in sales when a colleague reminded me of the good karma one builds by being nice to telemarketers.  That is why I don't call out the bad pitches, although I can see why others do; when blogging one is always looking for fodder and it is all too tempting to turn to your email in box for inspiration

Despite the cluelessness many in our profession are sometimes accused of, most of the pitches I receive are not bad ones and are aligned with the topics I cover.

These pitches are the drumbeat, the background music of people in our field that are hard at work as they take the steps needed to be diligent, cast a wide net and do a good job for clients.

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