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Now, you too can be a Political PR Playa

You love reading about their campaigns in all the major media. You aspire to their level of PR sophistication.  Although you realize that their world is harsh, unforgiving and demanding, you somehow covet their klieg lights and glory and believe … Continue reading

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Don’t be THAT Social Media Person

When it comes to building personal brands, there's been much buzz about building your online presence by working on your profiles and the like.  I feel that there also needs to be some discussion about the way people interact and … Continue reading

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No Comment (Can you spare some copper, me brother?)

This blog seems to be one that attracts readers, but not many comments. I know I get readers from the metrics I track (yes, occasional comments too).  And, every once in awhile, when I get frustrated that my posts do … Continue reading

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Have You Seen this Bank? Stealth Campaigns take on New Meaning

The NY Times wrote that banks are downplaying promotional activities at events to avoid perceptions that they are big spenders and out of touch with the financial realities of the day. They are apparently not going so far as to … Continue reading

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Corporate Blogging Tips

I have always thought that corporate blogging is one of those unfortunate, oxymoronic phrases. Blogging at its best is not about corporate formality.  It is more about communicating in a voice that is genuine and authentic. Having said that, many … Continue reading

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Lessons on the Power of Narrative from a Horrific Accident and 8 lost lives

She Was Sick Like a slowly developing Polaroid photo, a portrait began to emerge that described the woman, and the events leading up the tragic accident. I had been at the Palisades Mall with my family on a Sunday afternoon.  … Continue reading

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Report Predicts Growth for the PR Field

The New York Times reported on communications industry spending plans in an article that summarized the findings of private equity firm Veronis Suhler Stevenson. Veronis' Communications Industry Forecast predicts cuts in spending by consumers and businesses  across most areas of … Continue reading

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