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August 15, 2008


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Anne Clelland

I love Bennie!

Thank you very much for mentioning Handshake 2.0!

At 6:00 AM EST on 8/25/08, I posted a blog entry on Handshake 2.0 about your mention of my site on Flack’s Revenge. It included multiple links to your site and to sites to which you referred.

At 8:24 AM, I clicked on the link to Flack’s Revenge from the Handshake 2.0 post.

Since I learned of your site through a link listed on my TypePad site statistics page, I just checked my TypePad’s stats to see if a link appeared from you indicating you had learned of my blog post in some way.

I don’t see a click from you to me.

I’m posting this comment a little after 10:00 AM.

Only if you care to share or are interested in this, I would welcome knowing your answer to this question:

Did you learn of my comment on your blog from an e-mail from TypePad indicating someone had left a comment (I use TypePad’s notification system to learn of comments--you may use a different way) or from seeing your site stats page indicating the 8:24 AM click to your site originating from Handshake 2.0?

Why do I ask? I’m still trying to see and understand the art and science of how blogs work.

And it took me 10 days to ponder what you had written, to study other posts on your blog, to reflect on what you were saying and how you were saying it, and to express my own synthesis.

Does a blog comment left 10 days after the original blog post matter? To you, to the blogosphere, to your standing in top lists of blogs, to your listing in search results?

I hope so. I find your work informed, informing, and thought-provoking. Thanks for doing it.

Bob Geller


Thanks for reading, and for your kind words (and mention) about my blog. I learned of your comment through the Typepad dashboard. Bennie sent an email with your website and I clicked on this (yes, Bennie rocks!).

Comments are always welcome, even if on a post that is a little dated. Having said that, the various sites that track which blogs are buzzing about which topics probably rely on some kind of time window when considering how talked about the topic is.

You might want to look at CoComment (at the website of the same name) which provides a utility for tracking comments across the blogosphere.

Hope this helps

Anne Clelland

You've been very generous with me and I really appreciate it.

Only if you care to answer:

Did you go to the Handshake 2.0 site and read the post I wrote that was inspired by your mention of Handshake 2.0 on Flack's Revenge?

(I ask because I couldn't tell from my TypePad dashboard whether or not you had. You also inspired a new post, set for 6:00 AM, 8/27/08.)

From a link on Handshake 2.0 to your site, I clicked one time at 8:24 AM on 8/25/08. I refrained from clicking again until about 24 hours later. Other than from my 8:24 AM visit, did you get any other traffic to your site from Handshake 2.0? If so, are you open to sharing how many visits?

If you care to ask him, do you know how Bennie found out about Handshake 2.0? I know a reporter at Valleywag, Nicholas Carlson. Could that be the connection?

Finally, would you be willing to share your top three pieces of PR advice for high-tech start-ups for guest posts on Handshake 2.0 and on Inside VT KnowledgeWorks?

Thanks for the new value add--CoComment. I look forward to checking it out.

And if you’ve had enough fun and choose not to comment on this comment, I still thank you again for your mention and for your first comment--I’ve learned so much!

Bob Geller


I applaud your inquisitive nature, you are asking some great questions. I will ask Bennie (she, not he) when she is back from vacation and let you know how your site came to her attention; I believe one of our clients was on H20 (we work with lots of tech startups).

I appreciate the chance to offer some advice but would first like to learn more about your forums so that it is informed advice.

I reviewed your post that mentioned FR, thanks again for that, and noted one visitor coming from H20 to FR yesterday at 852am ET (guess that was you).

Looking forward to checking out your forums and staying in touch.

Anne Clelland

My apologies to Bennie! I love HER! SHE rocks!

Thank you for your kind words. And you ask a great question: What are my forums?

Although your site stats show otherwise, I actually am not the only person reading my own blog. :) So, I'll ponder your question, hopefully in under 10 days this time.

You may have seen this, but it's my offer of a value add from the ProNet listserv, Merlin Mann's "What Makes for a Good Blog?"

Yours has 'em all.

Thanks very much,

Anne Clelland

Really appreciated your comment on Handshake 2.0.

Been writing all morning thanks to your question about forums. It's long but I've posted it here for the time being if you're interested.

This has been such a rich dialogue. Has stimulated other dialogues with others. Thank you so much.

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