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Some thoughts on 2007 and what lies ahead

As the year comes to an end I thought I would share some fairly random (but hopefully coherent and interesting) observations and ramblings that have been on my mind. The fractionalization of media and information continued unabated in 2007. It … Continue reading

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NY Times vs. Blogs vs. Wikipedia

The Workbench blog has an interesting post about a bet made five years regarding Google searches of the top news stories of 2007: would NY times or blog sources rank higher? Rogers Cadenhead writes: In 2002, blogging evangelist Dave Winer … Continue reading

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WSJ “does” PR (A kinder, gentler outing)

My Fusion friend and colleague (and all around brilliant PR pro) Suzanne McGee pointed out a couple of PR-related WSJ items a little earlier this week. One was a prominent piece in the print publication ("Are Your Clients Happy Now, … Continue reading

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Avoiding “Post and Pray” Syndrome

In the PR days of old (anything prior to a couple of years ago or so) there was a phrase that described one of the less imaginative tactics of the era. Called "Send and Pray," this involved throwing your press … Continue reading

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Flack’s Revenge is Opening up to Developers

I saw LinkedIn’s news which closely followed similar announcements from about ten other sites, and that does it! Yes, I have decided to open Flack’s Revenge to developers. Some may dismiss this as a blatant PR move.  Well, I am … Continue reading

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If it Ain’t Online, It Ain’t Worth a F**K!

When I was in college back in the early 80’s, and the punk movement was in full bloom, there was a record company that some of my favorite bands where part of. Called Stiff Records, they had the feisty tag … Continue reading

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Distribution Options for SMRs

If you can stand one more post from me on the subject of social media releases (SMRs), below please find an excerpt from my discussion on the Fusion Forum blog today about distribution options: "…once you have crafted an SMR … Continue reading

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Social Media Release: What’s the Story?

There have been many blogging reactions to last week’s debate about social media releases and "meatball Sundaes" (see my post Die Social Media Release Controversy, Just Die, and the news radar on this site, which features some of the links). … Continue reading

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