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User Generated Content and PR via NY Times’ Thomas Friedman

Thomas Friedman had a great column (The Whole World is Watching) in the NY Times yesterday that touched on some related themes I have been discussing in my recent posts about user generated content (UGC) and PR. According to Friedman, … Continue reading

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Apple iPhone: Steady as she Goes

You usually need to wait until a product actually ships until you hit the "Trough of Disillusionment" (see Wikipedia definition). But some negative articles are (and have been) already starting to appear about the iPhone. The EDN / Brian’s Brain … Continue reading

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I am User, Hear me Roar

As I discussed in my last post, there is a raucous new dinner guest at the media table and that guest is the consumer (AKA "user"). A fickle and sometimes cranky type, consumers are flexing their muscles and expressing themselves … Continue reading

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The User Generated Content Land Grab

Pete Blackshaw wrote a good article for ClickZ, Who owns the Influencer? It echoes some of the broader points I have been making about the changing shape of PR. He makes the point that consumer generated media has resulted in … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Mr. Wizard

This post sadly notes the passing of that icon of propellerhead geekdom, Don Herbert, otherwise known as Mr. Wizard. My baby boomer readers and friends who grew up in the 60’s will fondly remember him. Here is the Associated Press … Continue reading

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Sopran – huh?- s

Allow me to digress from my usual Tech, PR and Web 2.0 topics regarding something everyone is buzzing about: the last Sopranos episode. No, I will not be the 500th person to talk about Chase whacking the viewers. I was … Continue reading

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Taking Yahoo! Pipes for a Spin

As I posted previously (in "PR and Web 2.0 Hacks, Mashups and Utilities"), Yahoo! Pipes seems like it has great potential for the intrepid Web 2.0 savvy PR professional. It allows you to mix and match Web data sources from … Continue reading

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Managing Reputations online: Ease of Use = Room for Mistakes

Not long ago I was discussing with my friend Lisa Langsdorf  (communications manager for / NY Times and a real PR pro) the challenges of factoring online media into the PR equation, and she brought up an interesting perspective.  … Continue reading

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PR and Web 2.0 Hacks, Mashups and Utilities

As I have made pretty clear in this blog, I strongly feel  that the Web 2.0 world (including blogging tech, the blogosphere and Wikis) presents challenges for the PR profession, but also opens up important new opportunities. Keeping with this … Continue reading

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