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A Peak behind the Curtains (The Future of PR)

There has been much public debate about what the emerging world of unmediated media means for the future of PR.  It is well tread territory, and instead of rehashing this I thought I might instead look to the future and … Continue reading

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Defending Those “Cozy” Media Relationships

There are some blog rumblings raising alarms about the “cozy relationships” that apparently exist between PR agents and the media (see below for links and excerpts). As the stories go, PR people and journalists cut deals – over access to … Continue reading

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User Generated News – Unintended Consequences

I discussed in my post Welcome to the New, User Generated Non stop Media Whipsaw, how user generated content and participatory journalism can stir the pot of news coverage, impacting the spread of news and the course of events that … Continue reading

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“The Office” Does PR

It was great to see "The Office," one of my favorite shows, take on PR last week. Sure, they were more concerned with creating a funny episode than a true-to-life portrayal, or educating about PR.  But cops, lawyers, doctors and … Continue reading

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